Who are we?

Ensuring sustainable and broad-based development is crucial for the simultaneous and inclusive development of a nation. For this, role of youth has significant contribution, as youths are the pioneers of economic, social, political and cultural transformation and change making force. This class remains as an important asset of the nation because of courage, innovativeness, inquisitiveness and high level of self-confidence, which is also considered a main source of nation building. Population of 16-40 age groups in Nepal accounts for more than 40% percent of the total population. Given that youth is backbone of the nation from both qualitative and quantitative perspectives, it is necessary to make overall development of youth and include their capacity in the mainstream of national development. Moreover, Youth's mobilization is significant in uplifting the overall status of the people.

National Federation of Youth NGO Nepal (NFYN), established in 2013, is a national level umbrella non- governmental organization, having more than 800 youth-led NGOs from 65 districts of Nepal. This is formed by a team of young professionals from different sectors to promote and protect youth organizations through leading youth-rights movement in Nepal. Its mission aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the key basis in reaching out to the youth groups in order to empower them economically and socially. Its key goal is to "Improve the living standards of the Nepali young people by facilitating & advocating for youth friendly opportunities." It also has started the restructuring process of federalizing NFYN. For this, recently, it has appointed the Provincial Coordinators in seven provinces.

Since its establishment, NFYN has been working rigorously to uplift youth's status mainstreaming them in development process. Decentralizing development process is one of the major approaches of Nepal Government. Besides, government has been investing huge budget in agriculture, health, education and other infrastructure sectors. Initiation of National Pride Projects, mega hydropower projects, tremendous investment in tourism sector have showed how Nepal is moving ahead in the development process. In the mean time, technological advancement and mobilization of skilled and energetic human resource has also become the major concern to accelerate the current development dynamics.

In this connection, NFYN aims at creating forum for the dialogue among the issues related to inclusive participation and development, livelihood, infrastructure development (health, education, electricity, transportation and communication), cultural harmony, simultaneous development, social security, employment, capacity enhancement social entrepreneurship, projects, and socio-economy. So far, the present economic condition of Nepal is concerned; these aspects have been playing dominating role. Political system is found deteriorated, due to the predominance of demagogue leaders, projects selection and implementation process has become the subject to political decision making. Similarly, socio-economic issues are badly indoctrinated by political system. To make the development smooth, perfect harmony among development actors needs to be ensured. However, such harmony can hardly be found among development actors.

Besides, Nepal is facing brain drain due to lack of sufficient employment opportunities to the youth. More than one thousand youth are flying abroad in search of job making their land fallow that is gradually decreasing the productivity level of the country. Marginalized people are still facing different forms of torture. At this juncture, there is a need of an institution that could bring the three forces together, could make constructive dialogue among them, and carry out a best result which could help establish a just society. NFYN has been established to address this need.

More than 800 youth led NGOs from more than 65 districts have been affiliated with NFYN throughout Nepal.