Core Values

Integrity, Equality, Transparency, Accountability, Political Neutrality, Inclusion and Rule of Law.


"Be a voice of every Nepalese young people".


"Advancing and enabling the capacity of youth by engaging young people in decision making and implementation process".


"Improve the living standard of the Nepali young people by facilitating & advocating for youth friendly opportunities".

  • - Carry out effective research, monitoring and evaluation works on pertinent needs of youth in solving their problems.
  • - Facilitate and encourage joint actions by youth organizations of different countries, bilateral and multilateral contacts and other direct means serving the cause of companionship, indulgent and mutual aid
  • - Develop contacts and cooperation with other international organizations concerned with youth problems, including the carrying through of and joint support for campaigns, meetings and mutual visits, exchange of information, publications and all other forms of cooperation.
  • - Strengthen and capacitate the Nepalese youth NGOs to improve their internal governance mechanism to promote good governance & enable them for sustainable peace and economic prosperity.
  • - Reinforce the youth civil society organizations (YCSOs) to improve public service delivery mechanism, public advocacy, government engagement & people friendly legislation.